Mechanism Analysis and Simulation Study of Automobile Millimeter Wave Radar Noise

Xin Li, Weiwen Deng, Jinsong Wang, Shanshan Wang

作者单位:Jilin Univ. & Aviation Univ. of AF,General Motors,Jilin University

发表期刊Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Symposium, 2018

摘要The paper analyzes the mechanism of automobile millimeter wave radar noise, this paper does not study radar noise from the angle of signal processing, but from the level of false detection and missed detection, at the same time, the noise mechanism is modeled and verified. Firstly, the purpose and significance of the research of radar vehicle noise are described, and then, we summarize and outline the macro phenomenon and the specific characteristics of the automobile millimeter wave radar noise. On the basis of the above discussion, the paper studies three aspects in detail: firstly, the mechanism of the false detection “multi path propagation of electromagnetic wave” and “multi radar interference” is studied; secondly, the mechanism of the missed detection“ propagation loss of the space environment “and“ dynamic changes of target RCS “is studied; finally, the simulation of the noise mechanism is carried out by using NI Vehicle Radar Test System and the Delphi radar, the accuracy of noise mechanism in the target false detection and missed detection are compared and analyzed. The paper presents a set of environmental noise mechanisms and a series of simulation models. The conclusions of this paper have a great contribution to the ADAS virtual test based on millimeter wave radar.

关键词:Radar, Simulation and modeling, Noise, Driver assistance systems, Analysis methodologies