Development and Verification of Traffic Confrontation Simulation Test Platform Based on PanoSim

Lu Zhang, Zhibin Du, Shuai Zhao,Yang Zhai ,Yongwan


发表期刊:2020 IEEE 4th Information Technology,Networking,Electronic and Automation Control Conference (ITNEC 2020)

摘要:With the continuous development of smart vehicles, the accuracy requirements of smart vehicles are getting higher and higher, so the simulation test of smart vehicles is becoming more and more important. In the process of developing intelligent vehicles, in order to make the simulation test more comprehensive, human factors are taken into account to avoid the experimental scenario caused by human factors encountered by real vehicles in real road tests, so a traffic confrontation test based on PanoSim is designed. In this experiment, the driving signals of the real vehicle and G29 are transmitted to the virtual vehicle in PanoSim. The actual vehicle is the subject vehicle of the experiment, and G29 is the vehicle controlled by human factors. The traffic confrontation of the two vehicles is realized in PanoSim.

关键词:simulation test, traffic confrontation, PanoSim, G29