Research on the Classification and Identification for Personalized Driving Styles

Bohua Sun , Weiwen Deng, Jian Wu , Yaxin Li

作者单位: State Key Laboratory of Automotive Simulation and Control Jilin University;Automotive Engineering Research Institute China Automotive Technology & Research Center

发表期刊:2017 10th International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Design

摘要More and more Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are entering the market for improving both driving safety and comfort. To improve the system performance, in particular, the acceptance and adaption of ADAS to human drivers, it is important to understand human drivers' driving habits that make the systems more human-like or personalized for ADAS. The research presented in this paper proposes a method to classify and recognize drivers' driving styles. A typical testing scenarios is created under a real-time Driver-In-the-Loop Intelligent Simulation Platform (DILISP) with both PanoSim-RT® and dSPACE®. The driving styles are defined and classified into three categories based on the root mean square of vehicle acceleration, the Time-to-Start and the Time-To-Follow. Samples with 21 drivers are used for the testing with driving data collected, analyzed and further employed for driving style recognition via Multi-dimension Gaussian Hidden Markov Process (MGHMP). Test results show that driving styles can be classified clearly and identified effectively using the proposed classification and identification strategy.

关键词:vehicle engineering; driving style identification; driving style classification; power spectrum density; multidimension Gaussian hidden Markov process; advanced driver assistance systems; intelligent simulation platform