Research on Control Method of Self-driving Vehicle Based on Adaptive Fuzzy PID

Yongqiang Yao;Nan Ma;Jiahong Li;Zhixuan Wu;etc

作者单位:Beijing Key Laboratory of Information Service Engineering, Beijing Union University College of Robotics, Beijing Union University;Faculty of Information Technology, Beijing University of Technology;College of Robotics, Beijing Union University;

发表期刊:2021 17th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security (CIS)

摘要:In the control of self-driving vehicles, PID controllers are widely used, because of their simple structure and good stability. However, in a complex self-driving environment, different scenarios have different requirements for vehicle control accuracy. At this time, using a set of PID parameters may not meet the requirements. In order to solve this problem, we proposed an adaptive fuzzy PID controller. Specifically, firstly, we added a rule partition table on the basis of fuzzy PID. Secondly, vehicle sensors recognize the scene. Thirdly, the fuzzy rules are determined by the rule partition table, and the PID parameters are adjusted in different scenarios in real time. Finally, we Use this method to test in Panosim simulation environment, the control accuracy isbetter than PID control in right-angle corners, overtaking and other scenes.

关键词:Self-driving; Control; Fuzzy PID; Fuzzy Rules