Research on Millimeter Wave Radar Simulation Model for Intelligent Vehicle

Xin Li; Weiwen Deng; Sumin Zhang; Yaxin Li;etc

作者单位 State Key Laboratory of Vehicle Simulation and Control, Jilin University; Radar Countermeasure Teaching and Research Department, Aviation University of Air Force, ; Software R&D Department, Duo Wei Ji Automobile Technology Ltd.,

发表期刊International Journal of Automotive Technology Volume 21, Issue 2. 2020. PP 275-284

摘要Radar simulationmodels can effectively overcome the drawbacks of real vehicle experiment and speed up the development process of intelligent vehicle technologies based on millimeter wave radar via virtual testing. However, there are still many gaps between the radar model using in the virtual driving environment and the real radar. In this paper, a novel simulation model of intelligent vehicle millimeter wave radar is proposed. Based on the analysis of the real radar performance in typical application scenes, the radar model considers the mechanism and characteristics of the vehicle radar synthetically and a systematic radar modeling architecture with innovation is introduced. The highlights of this radar model include the design of the RCS simulation model for radar targets with both high accuracy and real-time performance, the establishment of the quantitative false alarm model, missed detection model and measurement error simulation model. Vast amounts of data collected by real vehicle radar are applied to fetch model parameters and verify the accuracy of the radar model. Simulation results show that the proposed model can reach both high reliability and computational efficiency.

关键词Modeling and simulation; Millimeter wave radar; Intelligent vehicles; Virtual testing